Let's tell the truth about our lives.

Raw, real stories about love, joy, radical honesty, accepting what is, and feeling good more often than not. 

Personal stories I don’t want to share anywhere else except your inbox—you and me, intimate, pen pals, talking about the things we don’t say out loud, but know we should. 

Note: Friday Letters are sent out every other Friday :) 

What people are saying about Friday Letters...

"So, here's a lil hot secret... I have been squirreling away your Friday Letters every week and leaving them for moments when I'm completely free. Mentally and physically. It makes them a beautiful little treat!" —Brodie

"I print [your Friday Letters] out and put them in a file at work and read them when I am stressed or down or need a mindset shift. It's my favorite file!" —Allison

"Your Friday Letter just dropped in my inbox at the perfect, most necessary time during a heartbreaking day in a period of time when I have never felt more lost. Thank you so much for speaking and living your truth so beautifully, and in doing so, empowering countless others around the world to follow in your brave footsteps." —Ayurella 

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